since he now seems to promote multimarketing so heavily (since of course he makes a nice royalty on books sold) he understandably has “very little credibility” on this message board. If we can seperate or disassociate him from MLM’s for the time being though, I’m interested in peoples thoughts about the financial advice contained in his books. I’ve read several reviews of his books on Amazon.com and the responses ranged from “this is the grestest investment book ever written” to “what a piece of garbage”. I’ve read two of his books myself and they seemed to contradict almost all of what I’ve read in other financial books. So I guess what I’m saying is, I’m confused enough to not know what I should believe anymore. Either he’s right and the rest of the authors don’t know what they’re talking about or vice versa. As someone who’s obviously concerned about his 401k, mutual funds etc any feedback would be appreciated.