Even putting up 1000 cash money not to be touched…

is hard for some, especially when you’ve been used to charging things. To have that type of liquid money is the point of the BEF. Even now, some people keep the BEF in their checking account as a floor… but for most, no matter whether they are a single person or a family of 10, getting their hands on 1000 cash quickly is a challenge to overcome. If you can get that 1K quickly, then maybe it would make sense to double it and leave it untouched.

When we moved

the stove top, oven, dishwasher, hot water heaters, and garbage disposal were all old … all probably 20 years old. If they all died very close to each other, it would be a hardship to replace them all at once. Sure, we could do without a garbage disposal and dishwasher for a while but not a stove and oven. In fact, when we bought our home we knew the oven did not work at all and we took that into account when making an offer, plus the fact that other appliances were old as well. Oh, and the trash compacter had died as well. We never intended to replace it though. We removed it and put it at the curb.

Our deductibles for health insurance are ever increasing…. a family ded. of $15,000 on dh and me alone. Dd’s insurance is separate. We have an HSA also that we use for anything over about $100.00. We pay for maintenance meds out of the regular budget.

We definitely need to build our auto repair and maintenance sinking fund. Will try to find a way to carve some out of the budget for that.