I am not one of the most experienced here, but this is my take

I would work on baby step 2 and 4 at the same time. Given that you don’t have a lot of years until retirement, I would not keep putting it off. But, you do not want to enter retirement with any debt. Aim to have the student loans paid off by then.
Another question, does the rental property pay for itself? Do you have equity in it? Would it make sense to sell it to pay off some other things or does it make better sense to hold onto it to help with income?
Can you increase your self-employment income in any way to help pay things off quicker?
As much as you’d like to help you kids with college, that cannot be your first priority at this point. It’s more important for you to enter retirement without debt and with something to live off of. I’d say that is even more important given how uncertain our economic times are.

Baby step help

Wondering if you can take a look and help me out. I’ve done Baby Steps out of order, for various reasons emphasis had to put on building up savings, etc.

Baby Step 1 – DONE

Baby Step 2 – paid off all credit card and auto loans. Still have
Student Loan #1 $18,787.24 @ 3.25% = $126.95/mo
Student Loan #2 $22,863.94 @ 3.25% = $151.63/mo
DH’s alimony = $816/mo until 9/1/18 – can’t really pay this off EARLY, so it will just be here until then from what I gather… unless we offer some kind of settlement, etc, at some point.

Baby Step 3 – DONE

Baby Step 4 – We are only contributing 5% of dh’s income to 401K because employer does full match on that. Nothing on my income from my PT job or my self-employment income. I am very worried because dh is 61 and time is not on our side.

Baby Step 5 – haven’t started, and I have six kids. Am hoping to be able to at least pay for their books.

Baby Step 6 – have main residence mortgage, rental property mortgage, and a huge no interest loan from dh’s former life… he had to “short sale” his house, but signed a 0% interest note on the remaining $65k balance (is now approx. $57k)

Baby Step 7 – I wish.

When I sit and look… it helps that the EF is done… but I still feel conflicted between BS2, BS4, and building up some sinking funds for auto replacement and household maintenance that need to be higher.

What would you do in my position?