Yeah, the job is/could be good

but sometimes the end result is not worth the hassle. My kid did the whole sign up, fingerprint, back check…got a few chances with people that couldn’t make up their minds right away–guess hoping she would get desperate and take a rate drop.

She has private nanny gigs now–friends of friends or parent of the preschool she works at. She also has a second job that the parents work around because they know who she is and what she provides. Let’s just say, she is in high demand.

Her younger sister does pet sitting/house sitting. does list people in our area. She could charge 3x and still be under what they charge. Also the time spent with the animals is less than what she does. Darn, would love to hear what her Christmas bonus was for the cat she watched for 10 days this fall…heard it was a good one.

I have been concerned about the same issue

– potential employers checking credit and mistakenly assuming a person who has a low credit score is therefore a high risk, when it could be precisely the opposite. There really should be a distinction between a score that is low because the person is truly a poor financial manager (i.e., late pays, charge-offs, etc) vs a person whose score is low due to inactivity. Definitely a significant difference.