Ah, there’s the problem

With the economy the way it is now, there are tons of people out of work. So if I were an HR person I might have 200 applicants for a job I post. Instead of taking the time to contact a person who has bad credit to ascertain the reason, it’s much easier to pitch it and move on to the next one. It’s an employer’s market right now in many areas. Now if it was a field or a position that has very FEW candidates, they might actually take the extra time, because they would need to look at EVERYONE who was qualified.

If they have the temperament for it

most would be better off working in customer service at one of the thousands of call centers all across the US. These call centers are ALWAYS hiring. In fact they giving hiring bonuses to anyone who currently works for them and they recommend the person. I know here in OK someone with no experience starts at Directv, Dishnetwork, Sprint PCS, and numerous other places at a minimum of $12.50 an hour and are trained for 6 weeks, while being paid the whole time. These jobs also have benefits, often starting the day you walk in the door.
If they happen to be fluently bilingual the minimum pay is even higher.
The places are also 24/7 in their working schedules, so that helps many with childcare and some even have in house childcare for a very low price.
Plus you sit at a computer rather than stand all day in greasy air—far better for your feet and complexion.
By temperament, I mean how well they deal with cranky customers. These are all inbound calls I am talking about, no outbound.

Oh, I don’t think for a minute

that the companies would just decide one day to admit it …. they would just keep doing it till they were caught and had to fess up. Yes, however it came out, there would be an uproar.
We are a small mom and pop company. We just get a pad of apps from the local office supply place and I never remember seeing a place to give permission for credit checks. Will have to look when I go in later … my curiosity is peaked now. Open-mouthed smile