I have been to several interviews over the past 5 years

and I think all of the applications asked for permission to access a credit score. I suppose you could cross out that line on the application, but if they do use credit scores, you probably won’t get the job. On one interview, the application was computerized and there was no way to go to the next screen without granting permission. I’ve seen a couple of job ads that pretty much said not to apply if your credit score was poor, and I’ve even seen one that said not to apply if you weren’t currently working.
I’ve heard the reasoning that those with poor credit scores are more likely to steal, and some people will figure out a way to steal. However, I think good accounting controls can prevent some of it.
I worked for a company where the person who ordered office supplies allegedly ordered extra things and charged them to a random department’s account. An alert manager realized her department had been charged for things they didn’t receive, and that’s how this person was caught. After that, each manager had to approve the supply order for his department before it was placed.
Another instance of alleged employee theft likely could have been prevented, but the manager allowed one person to have access to just about all of the accounting systems and didn’t separate job duties properly. The employee likely wouldn’t have been able to cover up the theft for so long had checks and balances been in place. And somehow nobody noticed that office didn’t seem to be making as much profit as it should have. I’ll bet the person who was suspected of doing all this had a good credit score since the stolen money was being used to pay credit card bills.

I’m starting to understand why workers at fast food joints are demanding higher pay

It’s bottom-of-the-totem-pole jobs like that which are where folks end up, when they absolutely positively need income, and can’t get hired anywhere else. I know we’ve already talked about that issue here and I don’t want to start another argument. But I think the days of those jobs being held by only the young, and/or those who just need a part-time job for some extra spending cash are long past, now they use payday loans in FL lenders. Most of the fast food joints I’ve gone into in the last few years (and it’s a lot less than it used to be, but it used to be almost every day), 1/2 of the staff were easily more than 30 years old, and they were there every day. This might be one of the reasons why. Or they’ve turned into house cleaners or yard mowers or bottom-rung construction workers or pizza delivery folks or whatever. I used to think that when I worked minimum wage while making a mortgage payment, I was unique. We know now that’s becoming more and more common. Sounds like a viscious circle to me. Can’t get higher paying jobs, and can’t get anywhere with the bottom-rung jobs they have.

Hard copy apps have a place for your SSN

We don’t run credit checks on potential nor actual hires. We use it only for hiring purposes to add them to payroll. What I wonder is how many credit checks are run without getting permission? There is no place on the apps we use to give such permission, though we could type up a letter for that purposes for them to sign if we decided to do it.