Many of you will remember that I have completed several fairly intensive job search campaigns

since being laid off New Year’s Day, 2011, and since joining the DR list. To date, I sent out about 50 resumes sent out. These resumes were very well matched, I had years of work experience in that particular position, and in a lot of cases I was either asking for, or would have asked for, less than the going rate (as researched for each position). In all that time, got two callbacks for interviews, and those didn’t end up anywhere. I have often wondered if it was a) that I never use Facebook, so they can’t see who I “am”, and/or b) that I had a low credit score after stopping the use of my credit cards. Of course I can’t prove anything. But just statistically speaking, I should have gotten a lot more response than I did. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to learn that companies were using this to rank applicants.