I listen to KLBJ out of Austin

Texas most nights and early this morning I heard a discussion about a news report similar to the one below about how many possible employers are turning down very good applicants because of their credit history. There are various state and now federal bills being discussed to make this practice illegal. Certain federal laws already exist against this practice, but people are being bullied into giving permission to have one ran.
The discussion I listened to talked about how this helped employers to not hire people who might be strapped for cash and be “tempted” to tip their hand in the till.
Others said they used the credit reports to see what type of work ethic and money management skills they had that if the person didn’t have a good credit report they would be considered a poor risk.
Not one single call in mentioned that you can also have a low credit number because you have VERY GOOD money management skills because you pay cash for everything. The entire talk radio program pissed me off. Of course I couldn’t get through on the call in line.
Having a high credit score shows only you borrow money from Peter to pay Paul and are paying stupid tax along the way. Thus making you more of a financial risk than someone who has true good money management skills.
It was also discussed how insurance companies use the same set of rules when calculating your insurance. Both are wrong! Using credit does not show your worth, it shows (as we all know) poor money management skills.